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Exclamation Where are the updates... again?!
Posted by: BrettPlayMC - 07-20-2017, 11:25 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (2)

[Image: wR5HwWK.png]

Hello all UnseenMC Staff & Players, 

Today I am here to explain the lack of announcement posts and server updates being released.

Everything -
For the past 4 months I have been working on a HUGE server revamp that will totally redo UnseenMC and make it so much better.  This revamp is around 45% done and gets more done by the day.  Everything will be revamped and changed so stay tuned!  I don't know if its a good idea for me to hold off the update until I post it all at once or should I do snippets of it?  I like the idea of a big reveal but reply to this thread by telling me!

Stay tuned for awesomeness on UnseenMC!


  Small KitPvP Update!
Posted by: BrettPlayMC - 06-25-2017, 07:39 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

[Image: wR5HwWK.png]

Hello all UnseenMC Players, 

I have been working a lot of KitPvP lately and been working on MASSIVE update that will come to UnseenMC soon!  Though, in the meantime, I have added a small feature to KitPvP!

KitPvP Map Count -
Yes everyone!  The time of the scoreboard saying "Map: Coming soon!" is over!  You are now able to view your current KitPvP map on the scoreboard AND you are now also able to view the current players in a certain map using the /maps command or going to the FastTP in the lobby!

This is a small update that I thought I should notify you all about!  Stay tuned for more updates!


  June server updates!
Posted by: BrettPlayMC - 06-21-2017, 07:18 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

Hello all UnseenMC Players, 

It is now June and with June and the end of school and the start of Summer, comes a bunch of new updates!

Monthly update reports -
Everyone, I have decided for the remaining period until I say these will no longer occur (probably until summer ends), there will be big monthly update reports.  There will obviously also be some small scattered ones in there but the main reports will be big ones!  We're starting off small though so get hyped!

New application process -
I'm not going to explain it all here but read here for the new process your staff application will go through if you're applying for it!

Hub stacking - 
Hub stacking will be a thing this week!  We will be adding a preferences menu soon that will all you to toggle a bunch of preferences in the hub such as double jumping, stacking and player visibility!  Maybe even a song radio?!

Hub preferences -
While on the topic of the hub, we are (in the process) of adding hub preferences!  These will allow you to toggle a variety of things including hub stacking, player visibility, and for youtubers, a forcefield!  Also with the addition of a forcefield, people who have bought the Shadow rank or higher will have the ability to bypass and ignore the forcefield! Yippie!

In game applying -
Yes everyone, you heard me right!  Later this month or early July you will be able to apply for staff IN GAME!  No need to make a forum account!  Stay tuned as this will open up a lot of opportunities for people to apply!

Hub parkour additions -
Everyone, we are spicing up the hub once more before we switch to our new one (eventually)! (wink wink)  I have gone and added a parkour start and checkpoint system to the hub!  Go try it out!

New forums update -
If you haven't read the latest and great update report on the UnseenMC forums, check it out here!  Do keep in mind that the logo on all previous posts has broken due to the transfer and other bugs but it's do-able!  Keep an eye out for other new features I am trying to implement!

New report system -
Everyone, I am proud to announce our new, fully working report system!  This is much easier to report someone for a reason and MUCH easier for the staff to manage!

AntiLaby and 5zig -
Everyone, you are now allowed to use both of these mods on UnseenMC freely!  The features of these mods will no longer be disabled when you join!  Have fun!

New custom core -
Yes!  Within the next few days UnseenMC will have our own custom server core made by Mike70387!  This core will be expanding soon with more features and will allow us to remove countless small plugins!  Yippie!

Thats all for the June report!  I know a lot of things said here are coming soon but I had to post something for June!


Exclamation "New" Forums are here!
Posted by: BrettPlayMC - 06-20-2017, 08:28 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

[Image: logo.png]

Hello all UnseenMC players, staff and everyone else,

Today I am proud to announce that we have successfully moved our forums over to a new and better host!  Let me get into more detail!

New Forums Host - 
This has been something i've been wanting to do for ages now and now, it's done!  Our main forums URL is, and now will be, https://unseenmc.com/.  I will go over all of the website updates and new things below.

Purge -
I did a little purge of old threads in many of the sections.  Staff Applications though, was not purged.  This was to clean up the look of the forums to make it look nicer.  Feel free to post away now though!

Changes - 
For the biggest and only forum update we've ever had so far, we had to do a lot!  So here's our list of changes.  Green means it has been done, red means it hasn't yet but is planned.


Server to Forum rank sync
Purged a lot of sub forums
Added SSL to the site
Changed main domain to unseenmc.com
Added a bans page
Started working on the votes page
Updated rules
Updated application formats
Cleaned up the nav. bar for logged in and not logged in users
Redone ALL roles on forums
Server to Discord rank sync
Made the news page a "friendly" URL
Made a forum account for dealing with ALL applications

New bans page -
With this "new" website I have gone and added a bans page with the help of mathhulk!  This will track all of the servers bans, temp bans, and kicks!  Want to know what you were punished for?  Want to know who punished you?  It's on the bans page!  Go check it out!
Link: http://www.unseenmc.com/bans/

That's all I have to say in this website update!  Enjoy it and have fun!


  We're back with TONS of stuff! (Part 2)
Posted by: BrettPlayMC - 05-26-2017, 11:08 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

[Image: logo.png]

Hello all UnseenMC players,

To view Part 1 of this massive update report(s), click below!

New Hub Handbook - 
Incase I didn't announce this in a past update report, there is now a new book in the hub that is titled "UnseenMC Handbook" which has some guides of how to play the server in it if you're new!  Give it a read!

SquidHQ Return -
Yes everyone!  SquidHQ is making a return VERY soon!  We are in the process of making the rewards now!  Stay tuned!

Mini Staff Purge - 
We recently did a mini-rank purge where we purged some inactive staff/youtubers.  Nothing big!

New KitPvP maps - 
Since the last update report, we have added 3 new KitPvP maps, 1 of which is still being made!  Go check them out!  They're all amazingly built!

KitPvP Kit Selector -
The Kit Selector for KitPvP got some small updates and changes recently.... yeah.

New FastTP -
The FastTP was mentioned in the UnseenMC 2.4 trailer but was never actually finished and worked... but now it does!  Yippie!

You can now view other peoples KitPvP Stats - 
That's right!  With the wonderful help of mathhulk, you can now view other peoples KitPvP Stats by running /kit stats [player]!  Enjoy!

KitPvP Item Shop -
Should we add a KitPvP shop to allow people to buy new items, etc?  This would mean removing the item lock in inventories, modifying the kits a little and making it a little more like the old KitPvP (We would allow item drops, pickup and movement in inventories).  What do you think?  /suggest it in game if you like this idea!

Creative Spawn Changes -
On to Creative!  I have changed up the spawn a little and re-arranged it.  I have also added a poll in the hub that asked if we should remove Creative.  27% said yes, 33% said no and the rest was in-between.  We are still making the final decision on this so stay tuned!

Survival reset/change?
Ah yes... onto the Survival controversies...  due to recent things with our Survival YouTuber, Draysam, I am thinking about changing Survival into a new type of unannounced Survival-type gamemode.  We would also have a custom world that would have enhanced biomes, etc (Like The Archon's Factions Amtheyst).  What do you think about this?  /suggest it in game or tell me in game if you like it!

Server Versions -
As we have in the past gone by UnseenMC 2.{number}, we will no longer be doing this but instead be going by actual names such as "Summer Update!" Etc..

1.12 Release -
1.12 is right around the corner and with this, we now have support for 1.12-pre5 and below!

New MOTD -
Yes everyone!  We finally have gotten a new MOTD to fit the new look of the server!  I think it looks much nicer but I might change it a little in the future.

Removal of PWP -
For those of you into technical stuff, we have run the plugin known as "PerWorldPlugins" for a very long time and as of today, we will no longer be running it!  Horray!

That's pretty much it!  See you all in the next update report!


  We're back with TONS of stuff! (Part 1)
Posted by: BrettPlayMC - 05-26-2017, 11:08 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

[Image: logo.png]

Hello all UnseenMC players,

Today I am proud to announce that Update Reports are back!  Sorry for the long break...again!  Let's jump right into the new stuff!

New Hub -
Lets jump right into it by starting with the hub!  We have a new hub!  Pretty exciting if I do say so myself.  Our new hub was made by mathhulk and is supposed to be simple.  There has been some negative feedback from the community so @snakemanjam14 is making a new one currently.  Teasers and updates will be out soon.
http://i.imgur.com/TfW2NV4.jpg (Taken by MC256)

New Navigation -
I recently, about a week ago, equipped the hub with a brand new navigation compass.  This includes a nicer and cleaner look that I hope to stay with for a while!

2,000 Joined Users -
Recently, we hit 2,000 users that have joined us!  Thank you to everyone who has joined!  It means a LOT to us!  To celebrate this, we are giving out a free tag to you all!  This may not sound much but this is our way to celebrate (so far... *wink* *wink*) and give back to you all!  To get it, go in game and run /freetag and then run /tags to equip it!  Enjoy!

The Apple Picker -
With the addition of the new hub, I have added an apple picker!  Like our old hub in the winter and on Halloween, there is a hunt!  The Apple Picker (Johny as we call him), needs your help!  Right click him in game to see what he needs!

New Logo -
In case I didn't announce this in a previous update report, we have a new logo!  I really like it!  Props. To the designer!

More on our Discord -
Recently, our Discord has been getting a LOT of upgrades and improvements!  We will most likely be abandoning the plug.dj room we have as well as our Staff Skype room and move it to Discord.  It is still undecided if we will move these both to Discord or separate Discord servers but we will let you all know soon.

Hub Double Jumping -
That's right!  You can now double jump in the hub and toggle it by running /doublejump!  Happy hopping!

Click here for part 2:


  Updates... again.
Posted by: BrettPlayMC - 05-07-2017, 01:44 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

A BIG update report is going to come soon! Big Grin

Posted by: BrettPlayMC - 04-20-2017, 11:44 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

Updates will return on 420 day.
Big Grin

  UnseenMC 2.4 Release - #1
Posted by: BrettPlayMC - 03-24-2017, 10:55 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

[Image: logo.png]

Hello all UnseenMC Players, 

Today I am pleased to announce some UnseenMC 2.4 pre-release stuff!

The Trailer -
If you haven't seen the trailer already, see it below!

What -
Due to me being super hyped and overloaded while releasing this update, I am going to be releasing it day by day for the next whole week!  The first two things that are now released are the new server logo and new server store!  View the new store below!
Link: http://store.unseenmc.com/
The new store has new items, rank prices, design, and so much more!  This new store is here to stay!  The next few updates will come onto the server gradually and have their own update reports!

See you all... tomorrow! xD


  UnseenMC 2.4 Trailer!
Posted by: BrettPlayMC - 03-04-2017, 08:41 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

[Image: logo4.png]

Hello all UnseenMC Players, 

Today I am pleased to announce the UnseenMC 2.4 Release Trailer!

The Trailer -
Now what's an update without a hyped trailer? Wink

When -
Expect this update to come out in a week or two and if not or if I keep adding stuff, I will make it a huge 1 year anniversary update for UnseenMC!

See you all soon!